Mad Cat Theatre Company Presents: Gerald Ford Superfreak

BACKSTAGE @ The Fillmore April 2, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Featuring Ricky Waugh as Gerald Ford and Mad Cat company members Jessica Farr, Carey Brianna Hart, Noah Levine and Sofia Citarella.

Mad Cat Theatre Company returns to the South Beach Comedy Festival with Gerald Ford Superfreak, a new comedy from Miami’s leading purveyor of progressive, avant-garde theatre, and co-written by Mat Cat’s founder and mad genius Paul Tei and company members Jessica Farr and Theo Reyna. Just one of the 77,038 stories about the most kick ass president no one voted for. This one’s a doozy.

Mad Cat was born on the streets of Miami during the millennium. Its parent’s identities have never been found. Raised by the bums and hookers of Biscayne Boulevard, Mad Cat grew up to be a scrappy little tike tearing away at society’s problems with one joke after another leaving nothing sacred. Creating new plays that reflected the life and the times of the other stray cats that it had encountered here in Miami. Sometimes Mad Cat would reflect a little deeper into the darker regions of its city’s psyche, but it was always the dick and fart jokes that brought Mad Cat back to its roots. Now 14, Mad Cat continues to grow through its adolescence, deconstructing everything in its path on its never ending quest to bring you the truth….as Mad Cat sees it. Me-ow!

Mad Cat first took part in the festival in 2010 with the reincarnated story of St. Patrick and of course crafted for laughs “Shepherd’s Pie” by Ivonne Azurdia and Paul Tei, and in 2011 “The Preservation Society” by Paul Tei. Yes, leave it to Mad Cat to turn a wake into a comedy. The troupe returned in 2013 with an eccentric cast that brought fashion icon Isabella Blow back to life in “Charming Acts of Misery”, which later developed into the internationally talked about “Blow Me” by Jessica Farr. So whether it’s how snakes were really driven out of Ireland, figuring how to get a coffin into a comedy festival or finding humor in multiple suicide attempts, Mad Cat is sure to make you laugh, think, and laugh some more, and is thrilled to be back in 2014 with its irreverent sense of humor.